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Atlanta Estate Planning Attorney, Lisa Blackstone, answers your questions about planning to protect your family and your wealth.

Although most people have a good general idea about what a will does, there remain some misconceptions that should be clarified.

Simply stated, your will is the legal document that allows you to direct how your estate will be handled following your death.  So often, people think…

“I don’t have much, so I don’t need a will.”  WRONG!

One of the most important aspects of the will is that it allows YOU to decide who will raise your minor children in your absence.  Without that directive, the STATE will decide who raises your kids, letting your surviving families fight about it! Do not do this to them! Draft your will and make those arrangements for the kids.

“Everything will just go to my spouse anyway, so I don’t need a will.”  WRONG!

Another misconception is that if you die without a will, everything will just go to the surviving spouse which is what you want anyway.  NOT IN GEORGIA!!! Without a will, your estate will be divided according to Georgia statute. In our state, if you have one child, your surviving spouse will get one half of your estate and your child will get the other half.  If you have two or more children, then your spouse will get one-third and the remaining two-thirds will be divided equally among all your children.

This usually a bad result for an older couple who has prepared for retirement and the survivor needs the entire estate for support.

Another badly reasoned argument made by those without a will is.  I have already told everyone what things I am leaving each of them, so I do not need a will.”  HA! Once someone is gone, you would be amazed how much fighting will go on over the tiniest little yard tool! If its not in a will, your wishes cannot be enforced and believe me, they will fight over it!

Do everyone a favor…get an Atlanta estate planning attorney and get your will done! Wills do not cost that much and an Atlanta estate planning lawyer can answer all your questions and get you started planning your will.

Don’t wait! You just never know. Get an Atlanta estate planning attorney and take care of your family!

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